STAY COOL Technology - Stay Cool Series

cool jade sports clothing technology
Natural Cooling Element

Our Cool Jade technology has been developed to reduce skin surface temperatures for use in high temperatures. Our testing has proven that it's use on the skin can reduce temperatures up to 5 ° C. 

Made by recycled jade shavings, nano technology has allowed this to be woven into yarn that is cool to the touch. As Jade is a natural substance used in jewelry for centuries, it has no adverse affect on skin.


STAY WARM Technology - Stay Warm Series


coffee char sports clothing technology

Heat Trap Made With Recycled Coffee

Our Coffee Charcoal technology is designed specifically for use in cold weather. Made from recycled coffee beans, this technology insulates and traps heat. Our studies prove that the use of coffee charcoal in contact with the skin will raise surface temperatures up to 5 ° C. This technology provides a superior natural barrier from the cold combined with our quick dry technology allows for a comfortable resistance to low atmospheric temperatures.


BIOceramic Recovery Technology - Energy Series

bio ceramic sports clothing technology

Rejuvenatory and Recovery Compound

Our Bio-ceramic technology was developed for rejuvenation and to counteract fatigue when applied to the skin. This technology was first used in bands applied to surgeons during lengthy operations to decrease fatigue and add stability to their hands. The mineral compound used in our Bio-ceramic has been mined from deep pockets in the ocean. It is an organic compound that not only adds to the recovery of muscle and nerves but is also works as an antioxidant. Our studies have proven that this technology fights arthritis, adds to nerve and muscle regeneration and helps relieve toxicities in the human body.


X-FORM Technology



seamless sports clothing technology
No Seams for Sensitive Areas

Seamless Technology has everything to do with the use, or in this case, the non-use of the seams in fabrication of our technical apparel. Depending on the motion of the activity, seams used in apparel construction can have irritating effect on the skin when in close contact.

bamboo char sports clothing technology
Renewable Comfort

Bamboo Charcoal is a renewable and natural substance used for its feel when in close contact to sensitive regions of the skin. An all temperature offering, this is used for its soft feel. As it is a natural substance, there is no concern for adverse body reactions or cumulative ill effects

heat trap sports clothing technology
Keep Warm in and Keep Cold Out

Heat Trap is designed to trap heat close to the skin, while allowing moisture out. Based entirely on our yarn construction and material selection – our testing proves that heat trap increases surface temperature by 10 °F 2°C. No chemical treatments or applications are used to achieve this feature.

UV shield sports clothing technology
Shield from Harmful UV Rays

Our UV Shield technology focuses on the prevention of the most damaging spectrum of sun-rays from contact with the skin. SPF ranges from 30-50 protection from our UV Shield technology is achieved with our fabric construction and not through artificial or chemical applications.

quick dry sports clothing technology
Drys Fast, Rinse Repeat

Quick Dry begins with the formula of our fabrics. We carefully design fabrics to inhibit the absorption of moisture. We then weave the yarn with microscopic funnels that allow wicking to flow moisture away from the skin. No chemical treatments or applications are used to achieve this feature.

anti odor sports clothing technology
Defend Against Odor Causing Microbes

Anti-odor technology begins with selecting compounds to weave in our fabric that deters the growth of microbes that grow and emit noxious fumes. There is no artificial or chemical process in the treatment of our fabrics to achieve this feature.

2 way stretch sports clothing technology
Directional Flexibility

2-Way stretch technology is used for a more rugged construction that requires strenuous radial motion. This allows the fabric to give flex and support where it's needed most based on the specific action sport. In our aquatic series, paddling is a good example of a repetitive radial motion that requires support and flexibility.

4 way stretch sports clothing technology
For full range of motion

4-Way Stretch is designed for effortless 360 Degree range of motion. 4-Way Stretch starts with the construction and design of our fabrics that allow for effortless wide ranges of motion. Garment fabrication then is made to allow fabric stretch flows throughout - ensuring optimal stretch.