Bioceramic Fabric Technology

  • BIOCERAMIC™ Fabric

    Our Bioceramic™ Performance Series was engineered for endurance and recovery. This technology is based on proprietary infused fabric with natural Bioceramic compounds that emit Far-Infared into the skin producing many health benefits. Benifits include improved circulation, repair and regeneration of tissues, and inceased immunity.

    Fabric care

    Liquid soaps only.  Hang dry all products.

    Technology Code

    • BIOCERAMIC Aids in endurance and recovery
    • UV SHIELD White colors UPF 30 Black colors UPF 50
    • RECOVERY benefits muscle fatigue & pain reduction
    • QUICK DRY Wicks away moisture and drys quick
    • ANTI ODOR Woven compounds deter microb growth
    • uv protection

    • airflow activated

    • Nano infused

    • moisture evaporation

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