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Sean Noriega

Sean Noriega’s drive to succeed is immediately clear judging by his career as an 83kg powerlifter.   But beneath the surface, he has a long-term approach that powers his dedication and will to win. Through his analytical background and stoic nature, Noriega has carved his own unique place in the powerlifting scene. Noriega sat down with Virus to discuss his career goals, how an engineering mindset makes him a better coach, and remaining stoic throughout the ups and downs of injuries.  

Sean Noriega’s ambitions for his powerlifting career is simple: to be known as the best ever. And while that’s easy to say, you begin to believe him when examining his holistic approach to competition and training. Noriega has a clear, structured process to reaching his goals, blending an insatiable thirst for competition with his engineering background, all while remaining stoic throughout the journey.





Dix Hills, New York

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